Essential Hindi phrases to learn before your first trip to India

Hindi being the most common language in India is widely spoken in all the states, except Kerala and Tamil Nada. Though most Indians know English, knowing a few words/phrases before your first trip to India will make it handy while wandering around the local markets or chit-chatting with the native people. One thing to remark is that Hindi is a phonetic language which means words are written as they are pronounced, making it fairly easier for English speakers. While speaking Hindi there are many English words that could be used as they are i.e. Hospital, Police station, Airport, Railway/Bus station, Toilet, etc. So if you are stuck on a Hindi word then use its English equivalent.

Below given words and phrases will make your first trip to India a smoother and memorable one. Try speaking them the way they are written.


Namaste - Essential greeting hindi phrases to learn before your first trip to India
source : Saptarshi Biswas

Hello: Namaste

Good Evening: Shubh Sandhya

Good Night: Shubh Ratri

Welcome: Aaiye/ Padhariye

See you later: Phir Milenge

Goodbye: Alvida

Nice to meet you: Aap se milkar khushi hui

Being Courteous

Thank you: Shukriya / Dhanyawaad

You’re welcome / My pleasure: Mera saubhagya hai

Please excuse me [while calling someone]: Kripiya suniye

I am sorry: Mujhe maaf kijiyega

Asking for Help

I need help: Mujhe madad chahiye

Can you help me?: Kya aap meri madad karenge?

I need taxi/auto: Mujhe taxi/auto chahiye

I want to go to the airport/railway station: Mujhe airport/railway station jana hai

Where is the toilet?: Shauchalya/Toilet kidhar hai?

I need water: Mujhe pani chahiye

Do you speak English?: Kya aap angrezi/English bolte hain

When Shopping

Shopping In India - Leran Hindi Phrases before your first trip to India
source : Jason Goh

How much?: Kitna hua?

Give a better price/Lower the price: Kuch daam kam kijiye

Please give some discount: Kripiya kuch discount kijiye

Bill please: Kripiya Bill dijiye

General Terms/Phrases

Yes / yeah: Haan ji [‘ji’ is to add some respect]

No / Nope: Nahin / Na

Ok / Fine: Thik hai

Good: Accha [It’s good : Yeh accha hai]

What’s new?: Kyaa chal rahaa hai?

How are you?: Aap kaise hai?

How’s it going?: Kaisa haal hai?

I am fine: Main thik hu

What is your name?: Aap ka naam kya hai?

Please stop: Kripiya rukiye

Please go away: Kripiya dur rahiye

I don’t know: Mujhe nahi malum

I am going: Mein jaa raha hoon

Who are you?: Aap kaun hai?

I understood: Mein samajh gaya/gayi [male/female]

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