15 Top tips to visit Taj Mahal for the first time

Taj Mahal travel – Why is it a tourist attraction?

Everyone wishes to visit the seven wonders of the world. Visiting the Taj Mahal may be on the travel itinerary of most people, especially after knowing about the marvelous architecture. This mesmerizing beauty being the epitome of love and having an attention-grabbing historical story, attracts tourists from all around the world. Shah Jahan had it constructed incorporating 20,000 workers who took 22 years to complete this masterpiece. But before you gaze upon this beauty during your tour, check out some tips to visit Taj Mahal.

Best tips to visit Taj Mahal
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1. Avoid the crowd

Taj Mahal is one of the 7 wonders of the world, which is a crowded tourist destination as the locals visit it quite often as well. To avoid the hassle of the crowd, try to plan your visit early in the morning. That way, you would also dodge the rising mid-day temperature.

2. Entry Fee

There is an entry ticket worth an eleven hundred rupees for foreigners and 50 rupees for Indian nationals. With the hassle of a crowd and plentiful tourist you’ll find a line at the counter, so make sure you have the exact amount ready because most probably they won’t have a change available.

3. Private transport

Avoid taking your car, as it isn’t allowed within 500 meters from the Taj Mahal to prevent polluting the environment.

4. Taj Mahotsav

From 18th to 27th of February the Taj Mahotsav festival takes place, it’s more like a carnival. So If you want to have fun and have a deeper insight into Mughal art and culture, it is the best time to visit Taj Mahal. Although if you want to avoid the hassle, plan your trip some other time.

5. Choosing your gate

Do your research on which gate you want to enter from as there are three picks. It would be best if you chose the gate closest to where you’re staying. 

6. Early morning visit

Sunrise is probably the best time to visit the Taj Mahal and enjoy its serene beauty. If you plan to visit it early morning, then don’t enter through the south gate as it doesn’t open until 8 a.m. However, the other gates open earlier.

Taj Mahal morning view from Yamuna river - Taj Mahal Travel
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7. Dress appropriately

Although there is no such strict dress code but dress humbly as it is an Indian tradition to cover from the shoulders till below the knees.

8. Beware of frauds

Do not get deceived by frauds pretending to be guides. Taj Mahal is known for its fake guides, so unless you know for sure, do not hire a guide. You’ll be fine on your own as well. Tourists often face scams by people with a promise of a free ride or considerable discounts.

9. Audio guide

Government-approved audio guides are also available. Moreover, the best part is that they are cheap and available in many different languages: English, French, Spanish, etc.

10. Dress smart

Wear something light or at least in layers so that when it starts to get hot and sunny, you can take a cardigan off.

11. Prohibited Items

After buying the ticket, there is another queue for a security check. Eating and Smoking is strictly prohibited. So no eatables and tobacco products are allowed inside. Drone cameras and tripods are also strictly prohibited. So do your research on things that are banned inside if you don’t want to be held back longer.

12. How to capture photos

Don’t take pictures at the start of your visit, especially if your visit is at the peak hour; you’ll have a lot of strangers popping up in your personal photos. Try to find less crowded spots for that. Wear something bright to stand out against white background of Taj Mahal in your clicks.

13. Mehtab Bagh (Moonlight Garden)

Take a moment and go across the Yamuna river to enjoy the view from Mehtab Bagh or the moonlight garden. It is also an amazing spot to have your solo picture without strangers popping in them.

Taj Mahal 7th wonder of the world from Mehtab Bagh view
source: Vijay Sadasivuni

14. Planning

More often than usual, you get separated from your travel buddy in crowded places, be prepared for that. Decide on a spot where to meet or go when visit. 

15. Night tours

Although expensive, it would be worth it. A full moon tour is a breathtaking and memorable experience, watching the white marble glow and glittering under the moonlight and the starlit sky.

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Taj Mahal tips- 7 wonders of the world